When I first met rapper-singer-songwriter Ejaaz the first thing that struck me was how amicable-yet soft spoken he was. On stage though, the Indianapolis-based artist’s entire being revs to life, and the shirt is apt to come off (obvi).  I feel like Ejaaz’ music style spans rap, alternative, and R&B genres…but I don’t want to put his personal brand of hip-hop in a box. As for his delivery: his voice remains level and conversational, making it easy for listeners to jump fully on board. Crowd favorites “CA$HMERE” and “Guap” are exemplary of his versatility.

His unique and listenable sound couple with undeniable stage presence and charisma; it’s no wonder he’s been living in a whirlwind. Even after touring with Mark Battles and getting added to the Skaterade tour, Ejaaz doesn’t quite know how to handle the star-stricken fans he encounters in each city– he just “doesn’t feel cool enough yet.” A valid feeling, maybe, for someone less kind and talented. (I was also impressed to find out he and his DJ BlottBoyy are visual artists, and are the designers for their own merch.)

Since his new album Lil Darling is about to drop, he’s been enjoying teasing new tracks like “Right Now” on his Skaterade tour stops. I’m looking forward to seeing Ejaaz again the next time he comes to Portland, which could be very soon considering he’s in love with the vibe we have going out here.

Listen to our 12-minute interview, coupled with my best shots from his set below: