A couple weeks ago I found myself wondering, “What ever happened to TYuS?” It had been a few months since I’d seen anything from the young vocalist/producer and I’d really enjoyed the cuts he was producing for Cassow, and later for himself throughout 2015. A few days later I happened across this tweet. City Of The Rose finds the under-aged artist crooning (over his own excellent production) to a special lady, borrowing a few lines from Aaliyah along the way, and putting on for the town we all grew up in.

So it sounds like TYuS quietly went from popular to HELLA POPULAR in exactly no time flat and that, my friends, is how it happens. Check the numbers as you swim through his Soundcloud. Nothing but respect for the slim kid from The Town. Keep grinding humbly and do it as big as you can. When you win, we all win. #OutHere

Cover photo by Tomas Herold