I can’t sit here and properly explain to you all in under 500 words how much I appreciate this event we call TheTHESIS. We know we’re not the only rap show series in town but we appreciate the support and hope you all keep coming back for the little details that make it special. At the same time, we appreciate the zeal of the youngsters who would love to enjoy a live rap event in the city, so we’ve got you covered as well.

This week, we’re doing our Kelly’s Olympian event per usual on First Thursday. The 21+ event is being headlined by the return of Epp and the introduction of Last Artful Dodgr, with strong support from local all-stars Neill Von Tally, Mic Capes & Elton Cray and of course, Verbz. I’d be hard pressed to say this isn’t our best line-up yet…but such things are proven on-stage not on blogs. #OutHere

Elton Cray @ #TheThesis in August

If you’ve never heard Dodgr, you need to. An undefinable talent with a voice that will find a home in your soul, the LA native stormed the PDX scene this Spring with heavy indie support, and recently dropped her 3-track EP FRACTURES (produced by Von Tally) with the backing of Fresh Selects and EYRST, two major players in Portland’s hip-hip indie market. But it’s not a manufactured buzz; Dodgr really possesses a sound that’s both attention-grabbing and hard to forget, and I’ve yet to hear anyone say anything bad about her music (and trust me, I hear a LOT of hating).

Additionally, Dodgr’s collaborative work with Epp has spawned some dope tracks, so we’re looking to see something fun and different from our headliners this Thursday. I shouldn’t have to tell you about Mic Capes or Elton Cray (who also has some pretty fresh music out with Epp). Both are monsters in their own right, so show up early and get your full $5 worth.

This is usually where the TheTHESIS ends, but this is our anniversary, so we’re going to keep the party going Friday in the early evening with the screening of the high-end Portland-based web-series X-Ray, which is being produced by Seena Haddad of Rostom Productions. The star of the film – and the first performer ever at a Thesis event – Fountaine is set to headline the all-ages event being held at the AIA Center for Architecture in Portland’s famed Pearl District. More of a soiree than a rap show, day two will feature an art exhibit with pieces from local artists including  Lisa Pardo and Sarai Lopez (who’s having a rare art sale December the 6th). Special performances from Wes Guy and Thesis newcomer Rey Totem round will round out the evening with spins by Verbz and Samarei – who also helped score the X-Ray series.

Fountaine poses at Vortex Magazine Photo Shoot
Fountaine poses at Vortex Magazine Photo Shoot

Wes is no stranger to TheTHESIS. The dynamic, forward-thinking rapper also plays role in the X-Ray series and teamed with Tope early in the year for a big record. Rey Totem, the deep-voiced baby-faced rapper is no rookie, having put out a project with Samarei a couple years ago while working closely with HANiF and GLMG. Since then, the young rapper has re-tooled his brand, aligning with the L$P Cartel and building an impressive Soundcloud following.

More than just a celebration of a successful first year for us, this 2 day event is intended as a celebration of the city’s hip-hop scene’s sustained growth and we think the diversity within our events proves that. So come support an artist you appreciate and help us look forward to another year of TheTHESIS! Shout out to our co-sponsor XRAY.FM!

THURSDAY: Dodgr, Epp, Mic Capes, Elton Cray Verbz | $5 | 21+ | Kelly’s Olympian
FRIDAY: X-Ray Web Series Screening, Fountaine, Wes Guy, Rey Totem, Verbz, Samarei + Art Show | $7 advance \ $10 @ door | ALL-AGES | AIA Portland