Chances are you’ve seen the work of Alexander “Casso Dinero’ Wright around town. Whether developing vibrant images for media campaigns, creating logos for local businesses, drafting flyers for events, designing album art or coming up with clothing designs, Wright has a knack for staying busy and a knack for catching your eye. The freelance visual artist has become the go to guy for artwork in Portland’s hip-hop community, creating too many flyers to keep track of, including those for the last few THESIS events and last year’s Summertime Kickback. A career artist, Wright has managed to make ends meet freelancing while providing affordable services to those in our scene.

Belz CassoNow’s the time to give back. Alex needs a hand and we should be there for him like he’s been there for us. Water damage did extensive damage to his prized MacBook Pro, and while he’s managed to save his hard drive, repairs to the computer – his only computer – will cost him upwards of $1,200 to repair. Alex doesn’t have that kind of money on-hand, so unable to work, Alex faces a very dire situation.

That’s where we come in. Too proud to ask for help at first, a number of folks in the rap community have come forward and urged Alex to create a GoFundMe page, and over the weekend he did just that. The message was loud and clear “You’re not begging, we want to help you just like you help us.” Those who choose to donate to the cause will not only get peace of mind knowing that they helped a man in need, donators will also be rewarded with a variety of artistic services that any artist or business-person could utilize. 

DAme CassoNow just 13 hours in, Alex has already raised over 25%  of the total needed to fix his laptop. If you can, give him a hand. Let’s take care of our own.