Sacramento rapper C Plus aka Plus Money dropped a new album at the top of the month produced entirely hometown heavy-hitter Trox. The talented Team Back Pack rapper is known for working at a breakneck pace, but slowed down a bit – at least by his standards – in 2015 before dropping this filler-free year-end tape.

Plus Money makes the most of the scarce 8-track “audio documentary” and Trox delivers with the soulful vibes the Cali rapper is known for rapping on. Boom-bap friendly bangers aren’t all Trox offers though. The bone-chilling guitar riff on Still Don’t Know, the Vice City-styled sprint on Sorbet, and the synthy West Coast finale in Just Living wisely offer variety on the compact project.  

TroxWhile C Plus avoids delving into any high-powered topics or making any newsworthy statements, his album is very easy to listen to and highly replayable. There are plenty of bars to listen to and the music is aesthetically pleasing enough to serve as background music for most any occasion. Rentals is basically a solid Golden Era album in the present time (but without all the skits). Not too gangsta and not too square, Plus raps to the common urbanite, confidently discussing relatable experiences and common sense through his raps.

Strong project for the duo. I’ll be interested to see what each does next.