You heard the story. Future was on his way out. His run was over. He was in love with Ciara, they had a child, and he put the cup down. This music resulted in trying to crossover more with Honest. It wasn’t what fans wanted, thus it put a strain on his career.

Then, he split with Ciara. The pain became too much and that cup was picked up once again. I think of Future’s break-up in a similar light to one I had in 2013. It wasn’t just the end of a relationship, it opened up a deep cut of depression that led to problem after problem, but you’d never know it unless I shared it. I was still continuing to make some good writing pieces and interviews. The difference between Future and I is that he shared his feelings with the world. I wrote piece after piece and ultimately put out just one.

On October 28, 2014, the start of Future’s current run began. At the time, it wasn’t clear what Monster meant. It felt like a more focused Future who was determined to brand his own sound and retreated to the studio after feeling defeated and didn’t leave until he created a body of work worthy of winning the public back. On What A Time To Be Alive, he says, “you do what you want when you’re popping.” That’s what Monster represents. The beginning of him joining the elite club of major label rappers who can do what they want because they sell and it works.

The fact that Future openly and honestly raps about sipping codeine quite often has been beaten to death. We know a record like “Codeine Crazy” is both magnificent and alarming. Monster had so much more to offer.

The second half of “Throw Away” is one of the best pieces of music Future has ever made. It’s easy to see that these thoughts were inspired by his break-up and rumors of cheating even if they weren’t a reality. “Go on and fuck that nigga, get it over with,” he sings with so much passion. If cheating was the issue, this is Future giving his significant other a pass to get back at him.

Monster spawned “Fuck Up Some Commas,” which made its way to DS2. It gave us one of the more notable Lil Wayne guest features of the last two years on “After That.” We had to sing along to “My Savages” and “Radical.”


What A Time To Be Alive – his collaboration with Drake – is the victory lap that Future earned. “I see how they counted us out/ bet they never do it again,” he raps on “Digital Dash.” With a run we haven’t seen since 2 Chainz, Future is doing everything he can to prolong it. At this moment, he has Ape Shit, Beast Mode 2, Monster 2, and another album in the works.

He’s under the influence of what Lil Wayne did when he was red hot: recorded like his life depended on it and releasing music at an equally quick rate.

Break-ups are the greatest worst things in life. For some, including Future and myself, it’s easy to channel into a source of inspiration that couldn’t have been found prior. Whether you’re channeling to get over or to win them back, this state of mind can do wonders for lives when properly tapped into. I learned from going through it. Future made himself the hottest rapper in the game because of it.