As we prepare for the 10th edition of TheTHESIS in September, we thought it’d be cool to share a collection of shots from our last event, courtesy of Ms. Lopez. As you may or may not know, the event – a collaboration between WOHM and KPSU – has become the premiere destination for Portlanders looking to see live, local hip-hop performances here in town.

Glenn Waco and Wes Guy did not disappoint, strutting their stuff across the humble Kelly’s stage; but it was Elton Cray who leaped out from the pole position, immediately threatening to steal the show with his opening act. A special surprise appearance from Mikey Vegaz managed to pop off without any noticeable police presence and the Grill Queen, Annie Angell, even showed up and found a few new clients.

Great show all around for August, and TheTHESIS X is shaping up to be even better… Shouts to everybody that came out.