“Invisibility cloaks up on the merch table…” – Slick (on Shadow11)

Slick Devious (aka the white guy in RenCo) is a vicious lyricist who recently dropped an album that is pretty damn good. Jazzy, gritty, spacey, intellectual, based… Those are 5 words I’d use to describe Portal, Slick’s 9-track project.

The album boasts features from Janet Earth, Maze Koroma and ZOO?, while production was done by Skilli Skell, Scorched Earth and Slick himself. Slick’s Bandcamp page describes the album as, “A ceaseless give and take between the dust particles of existence. Trancending the realms of space, time and reality. A dub echo being projected across infinite solar systems and funneled into your brain for 28 minutes.”

What he said. Do peep.