With the release of Casino Carpet, Myke Bogan’s future looks bright while he admits he’s right where he’s supposed to be.

There aren’t too many rappers who I would like to live vicariously through their lyrics and at the same time believe the stories they tell. Myke Bogan raps with sincerity with personally charged bars and respect for the craft. While bumping Casino Carpet, I wouldn’t mind crushing some Xanax into a Sprite, if I was about that life. Bogan just seems like a cool cat to hang out with, and the music is demonstratively honest, welcoming and brilliant. I would smoke a blunt with this dood and I don’t even smoke weed.

Lefty did his thing on the beats too. There are no make-that-face-like-it-just-melted beats on Casino Carpet, but the music compliments the lyrics nicely. The beats are just as smoked out as the words. The music supports the lyrics. There is a synergy in this album, which is made possible because Myke Bogan is an EMCEE and Lefty is a PRODUCER.

The features are sparse. Bogan’s personality is grand enough to tell his story without a need for other points of view. We get Blossom (who kills it!) on a hook and The Last Artful, Dodgr, Neill Von Tally and D’rok The Menace who shine bright as well. That’s it. The rest is Bogan sharpening his skills and weaving his way through a haze of drunken nights, pink cocaine and bong rips to kill hangovers.

Myke Bogan 1

Although certainly a prerequisite to make something great, there has to be something more than honesty. While Bogan’s stories are believable, and I don’t feel like he’s ever fronting on Casino Carpet; he also brings flavor and (for lack of better word) his own swagger to the record. His flow belongs to nobody else. There’s definitely tinges of influence from 90’s era Hip-Hop but Bogan manages to carve his own lane. While often Bogan isn’t necessarily saying anything new, he’s doing it his way. And that really can’t be understated.

Just about the closest thing to advice we get on Casino Carpet, is when he laments, “do how I did, turn setbacks to back stories.” This is a great lesson. One that you have to live through before you can reap the fruit of its truth. There are many other lessons in the music though: Live the life you want to live. Be yourself. Do you.

Bogan manages to weave his lessons in a veil of flowing booze, strong drugs and fly women. He has vices, but he also has a depth of understanding, and a unique way of conveying his message to the listener. The drug and drink tales aren’t shallow. He doesn’t preach, but offers you a point of view that is apparent from the jump that you need to pay attention to. With Casino Carpet, Myke Bogan commands respect, attention and displays a knack for rapping and telling stories in a way that nobody else can.


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