Hi, my name is Brenda…I’m a current OMMP card holder, and I smoke weed. Lots of weed. All sorts of weed. So much in fact I want to give advice, review, educate, and overall introduce those who maybe have gained a piqued interest since Oregon’s new laws have gone into effect regarding Cannabis.

I understand reading as a seasoned professional you may think this article is a little contrived. My anticipation is to speak about what’s out there. I’m going to review a cornucopia of medibles, and strains, and I’ll interview your favorite budtenders and industry makers and shakers. I want to squash rumors about laws and keep a balance between the salty and sugar coated of the Cannabis industry here in the PNW. There is a lot of new ground breaking here in Oregon and I can’t wait to be reporting on the forefront.

This week I swung by La Mota in NE PDX. If you haven’t already been is nestled at the end of a cul de sac at 4999 NE 99th Ave. They’re open 24 hours, which is pretty great considering they are the closest to the airport, really smart come October 1st! Upon entering a very small foyer you’re greeted by a bright, futuristic, TRON like room. Then at a small ticket window your OMMP card and ID are collected. A door opens from the white facade, the aesthetic is cohesive and flows through the premises. 

La Mota

​The next room, also very bright white and modern is cheery with long shelves of jars. All containing big, beautiful buds.  The counters stocked with concentrates are anchored by a matching white computer and my smiling bud tender. She checked me in while I perused the extensive menu. If you havent already been to leafly.com to look for specific strains or dispensaries near you, check them out. But most places will (hopefully) have updated menus with price points and numbers on site.

I picked up some outstanding Blue City Diesel that registers with an impressive 29.3% THC. Upon cracking the first lush nugget, the air permeates with a recognizable fruity note that is common among Blueberry strains. Blue Diesel is the result of breeding Blueberry, a heritage strain to the Northwest with NYC Diesel. Making it a perfect hybrid for daytime use and not feeling overall clouded. ​

You’ll find the majority of strains will make you feel relaxed and overall happy for the most part. If you’re new to the scene, or if you’re needing a refresher course please see the diagram regarding Indica vs. Sativa.

(image: TheDispensaryExperts.com)

As for this specific strain, I got a lot of stuff done around my house. I like Hybrids for daytime activities… And then lean into more indica heavy strains for night time.

I did pick up some concentrate.. Most of La Mota’s concentrates are $19. They have a lot of quality product there so to have that low price point made it hard to decide.  With that said, I settled on some really tasty Grapefruit Crumble.I don’t normally get crumble, I’m a self admitted shatter queen. But I’ll pick up most things Grapefruit as citrus is my favorite terpene notes.


This crumble was really good, as long as I don’t get torch happy and make the nail too hot. For those tuning in and confused about the difference, waxy type concentrates are more flavor specific where as a shatter is more for the cerebral effect. This crumble was kinda sandy like and hard to grip with my dab tool, but after wrangling some good chunks I could definitely taste that grapefruit.Overall I’ll go to La Mota again if I’m out at Costco or in the area, it’s kinda far for me personally but I’d highly suggest them as the 24 hour go-to for my E-NE PDX friends.

I’ll admit am rather biased when it comes to concentrates. I will not review untested products. There’s A LOT of tane soup out there and funny shortcuts, and I refuse to ingest it. So overall, testing must be done! If you want some exposure and eyes on your product, drop me a line so we can discuss further.

Until then, stay lifted Portland.