While the nation buzzed (Pitchfork, Rolling StoneComplex, XXL, Vibe, etc) about a fire new loosie from legendary rap group De La Soul – who recently raised just shy of a half milly for their new album via Kickstarter – contracting GOAT candidate Nas for a celebratory hook, the heads of the Northwest’s hands collectively went up for the quiet producer behind the track, Oregon’s own G Force (aka Calvin Valentine).

I first met G maybe 4-5 years ago through his work with TxE. Even back then, the soulful sampler was turning heads with his groovy knocks. But it’s been a long time since Camoflauge Jackets and Trophy Cases… Even Vs. Portland is aging, and the landscape has changed as the rising producer high-footed to LA about a year ago.

I have to say that I’m really proud of the Oregon native / Green Team originator for making such dope moves. I’m also really appreciative of him taking a few minutes to chat on a moment that could change his career forever.

Mac: How does it feel to hear De La Soul and Nas spit over your beat?

G Force: It’s really a crazy feeling any time I get to work with an artist I grew up listening to. De La is my favorite hip-hop group of all time and Nas is NAS! *chuckles* So to hear them both over my production is humbling and gratifying. Couldn’t ask for a better combo.

M: How/when did you find out that this song was dropping? Was it hard to stay quiet?

G: They picked the beat back in 2013 and Pos laced a ruff idea of the hook and his verse. I only told a few people about it, but knew I couldn’t say nothing till it was officially out so I kinda just put it in the back of my mind. I kept in contact with them and would send beats randomly for the next year. Pos hit me in the summer of 2014 with a short message “We’re going to use that one joint and we got Nas on the hook”. It wasn’t able to be apart of the album due to the sample I used, so they decided to put out this week.  Shout out to Pos, Dave and Mase for taking a chance on me and handling everything like the vets they are.

M: You made cool moves when you were here in Oregon. How has the move to LA grown your career?

G: Oregon was great to me, I actually made the beat for this song and connected with De La while I was still living in Portland, so I got nothing but love for the city. The move to LA has been great for me personally and professionally. Just being around the industry has opened doors and introduced me to different ways to approach my music. I recently got invited by Converse to have a free studio session as part of their Rubber Tracks pop up studios. It was a great experience and something that is way harder to do when living in a smaller market. Plus the sunny weather and swimming in the pool after making beats always makes life a little better.

Shout out to G for a job well done. That beat really is fire. Holler while he’s still cheap, folks. #OutHere