If you haven’t heard by now, we linked up with KPSU and kinda threw the rap party of the year on a boat about a week ago… If you weren’t there, you just weren’t there. Honestly one of the best times I’ve ever had, Fly-By-Night was a monstrous success. Even if we did technically get kicked off the boat.

But that’s not important! What’s important is the memories, of which lots of us have many, however altered they may be. And that’s why we take pictures! Big shouts to Seena Haddad (first 29 pics) and Sierra Duarte (final 13) for submitting these great shots. Haddad’s images well capture the frenetic energy of the event, which sharply contrasts the deeply detailed, emotional stills that Duarte turned in. Be sure to shout them out when you throw these on your Facebook page.

Also, anybody know a private yacht we can take this to the Columbia on this summer? Do holler… #OutHere