“…better getcha sunscreen when I step up on the scene/cuz I shine like the bald head of Master Rochi offa Dragonball Z…”

Ever since his eye-opening performance/beat set at #TheTHESIS show (presented by WOHM x KPSU every first Thursday, and the next show is on a boat if you ain’t heard), I’ve been looking forward to NE Portland (!!!) emcee/producer Fountaine‘s debut album.  Well Blak $ushi has arrived, and its the perfect soundtrack for your late-night Toonami marathon.  The project represents Fountaine’s anime persona, with many references from anime culture depicting the world as he perceives it.  My personal favorite is Master Rochi, but the whole project is solid, and young artist is definitely on the right track.

Fountaine – don’t be surprised if the good people @ Adult Swim come knocking.