Here at WOHM it’s about more than just the music, it’s also about our lives as Northwest artists. One thing I always appreciate is commentary from those living; not only does it keep us up-to-date on the lives our artists live, but it also provides valuable insight – and perhaps motivation – to those working on their craft. 

For example, we’ve all heard about HANiF being on tour with Pete Rock and Slum Vill, but I’ll bet you didn’t know that Portland-based rapper/tour manager Cool Nutz and Ground Kontrol legend DJ Wels are also on the road, playing their parts.

I’d like to thank Cool Nutz for sharing the following experience with us. Don’t wait for the news, be the news. #OutHere

~Mac Smiff, Editor-In-Chief

Last night was one of epic proportions for me. As I was blessed with the opportunity to bear witness to a studio session with the legendary Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, and Slum Village.

Getting to witness Dr. Dre work gave me even more appreciation for his level of professionalism and creativity.  This has to be one of the most talented people that I have had the opportunity to watch craft music. Another high point was watching him and legendary producer Pete Rock and Detroit trend-setters Slum Village craft an incredible tune for a future project that is yet to be titled. Everything from the studio, musicians, and writers were all at a top notch level and you can further understand how this man has crafted so many classic rap songs that have paved the way and set the standards for audio perfection in hip-hop music. I must say that this stands out as one of my top rap moments alongside meeting basketball icon Michael Jordan.

Through my journey in Hip-Hop it continues to amaze me where my trail started and the paths it has led me down. The rap game has been good to me.

Cool Nutz “#BRUH” Available Now at iTunes and all digital retailers.