Nefe Stone is one of Portland’s more interesting artists. Raised in Nigerian culture, he fuses acoustic sounds with reggae-like delivery and hip-hop vibes in a way that ends up sounding like soul. He’s made a name for himself working with Portland artists such as Cool Nutz, Hanif and Tony Ozier, but today, WOHM proudly premieres a solo endeavor from the eclectic performer. In it, he takes his time, carefully tackling one of the more difficult topics of our society.

“The inspiration for this song came from debates regarding the ambiguous role of religion in our society. I chose to write from the outlook of two Nigerians debating on this subject because that culture raised me and I can speak clearer from that point of view. However, this sentiment is the same no matter the place or culture.

Though, I reference evolution in the track, I would like to state that I accept an agnostic mind-state, however, I utilized evolution for its veracity.” ~ Nefe Stone