“…Some people have a knack for making beats/but rather punch a clock & work a shift or take a seat…”

NYC reverse-gentrifier HANiF has a national tour kicking off in March, which would make this the perfect time to release some fresh new material.   His 12 Inch Vinyls EP takes us on a journey back to a younger, probably beardless, no caps lock Hanif rocking a show in the park on Feels So Good, all the way to his current surroundings on Gentrify.   I remember a few years ago when these two started this project, and 5th Sequence is, in my opinion, an underrated producer whose mellow-but-fast-paced beats really shine on this EP (if he has a day job, lets hope he can quit soon.  Dude is nice).  Check out the EP below, which includes a few bonus tracks, and catch HANiF in Portland with Pete Rock & Slum Village on March 31st @ Hawthorne Theater.