As an 80’s baby, I must admit that these 20-teen years are throwing me for a loop. The older I get, the less the current trends make sense. Some of my friends have even taken to calling me Old Man Mac… A name I’m working on accepting. I won’t lie, I had to get over my age insecurities.

In my other professional life, I’m the young guy. But when I’m WOHMing, I’m the old guy. Before I could tackle those insecurities though, I had to admit to myself that I had insecurities; it’s like step one of the process, I think. Once I did that, I was able to sort things out (“I am old, I am a man, and my name is Mac”) and became willing to enjoy my dirty 30’s birthday. I’m also coming to terms with the word “fleek”. I still don’t like it, but I no longer flinch when I hear it.

Fact of the matter is, we all have insecurities. Beyond age, things like our looks, relationships, money, social status and intelligence can make us insecure. Most of us are not satisfied with where we are and what we have – that’s human nature – it’s when we can’t address our own issues that insecurity can cause us to do some strange things. Fix it or get over it, I say. If your actions don’t line up with what you want, then you’ll probably remain insecure forever. Below, I’ve listed a few things that might indicate having some insecurities to address. Doesn’t make us bad people, it’s just good to know who we are. Enjoy. 

1. Jealousy

Whether you’re mad at your little brother for being born or sneaking into your girl’s purse to see who’s pictures she’s liking on Instagram, you need to stop. We’ve all had our phases so we all know that jealousy is probably the most obvious symptom of insecurity.

2. High Selfie Count

Listen… The only thing that screams insecurity more than filling your social media timeline with pictures of yourself in pretty much the same pose over and over when you are not a model is taking pictures of yourself and contorting them so that people can’t see what you look like. The naked-er you get, the less secure in yourself you are. And we all know you’re counting likes and judging yourself accordingly.


3. One-Sided Relationships

Are you in a relationship with someone that you don’t like but won’t leave? Afraid to waste the time you’ve invested? Scared to be alone? Chances are you’re insecure. Exit stage left and try spending some time with yourself for once in your life.

4. Frequent Bragging

We all know some braggarts. If you’re so awesome, people will tell you. You really shouldn’t have to toot your own horn every day for people to remember that you exist. More than likely you’re trying to make sure everyone knows, and there’s nothing secure about that.

5. Social Media Drama

If you’re fighting on the internet with people who do not matter about “facts”, there is a good choice that you don’t believe yourself. If I tell you the sky is blue, and you tell me it’s brown, I’m walking away. I’m not arguing with you. Keep scrolling, that’s the self-confident thing to do.

6. Catching Nameless Bullets

Admittedly, I am terrible about saying stuff on the internet without naming names and watching people take ownership when I wasn’t even thinking about them. Jumping in front of nameless bullets tells others how you feel about yourself. Even if the shoes fits, you already know you wear it, no need to respond… I’m working on not being evil, but it takes time.

7. Buying Things You Can’t Afford (x2 if you put them on Instagram)

With tax season in full throttle, there are sure to be a lot of ill-advised purchases made in low-income households this Winter/Spring. I know life is tough and you just want something nice, but when you buy that used Range today and realize in six months that you can’t afford the oil change…

8. Watching Reality Dramas and/or Daytime TV

I declare that there are only two reasons one would watch The Real Basketball Wives of Orange County or Judge Judy on a regular basis. Hopefully, you’re just watching because you’re happy that someone’s life is worse than yours. Hopefully you’re not watching with the hopes of being like the folks on the tube. But either way, it’s far easier to worry about yourself than someone else.

Range Towed

9. Dressing Like You Live In A Magazine

Attention hype beasts, wearing outfits that rappers already wore in photoshoots is neither original nor any indication of free-thinking. Put your own fits together. Find brands that represent you, not your favorite rapper. We make the clothes, the clothes don’t make us.

10. Getting Mad At This Article

If you’re reading this article and simultaeneously making excuses for your own behavior, please read #6 again. Relieving ourselves of insecurities is an ongoing practice, and let’s face it, we all have work to do. *snaps selfie*