Fact: If you’re looking for good beer in Portland, you’re going to have to risk hipster contact.  It is what it is. Turns out, if you’re looking for good comedy AND good beer, you have venture into a hipster bike shop, be inundated by a hipster “blues” band and somehow get the attention of a hipster bartender.

When you finally get him to stop pouring taster shots and waxing eloquent about “earthiness,” he’ll tell you to head around the corner and downstairs. IF you make it this far, the trip will be worth it, I promise.

Wednesday, January 7th was the first night of Earthquake Hurricane, the new weekly comedy showcase that takes place at the Kickstand Comedy Space in the basement of Velo Cult Bike Shop. Despite the music, this may be my new favorite comedy night. Some of  Portland’s favorite funny-makers, Curtis CookAlex Falcone, Anthony Lopez and Bri Pruett are the masterminds behind the project, but they’re not alone. From the Indian-American kid (Neeraj Srinivasan) who dressed up as Jesus for Hallowe’en (think about it) to the woman who’s realized that Portlanders never disagree with her when she tells them she’s a mermaid (Kristine Levine), their guests are as funny as they are, and now that gas is under $2 a gallon, you’ll be able to spare the meager $5 for the show.

Check out their facebook event here.