For someone who’s been doing his thing for awhile and is pretty well known in a number of circles in Portland’s hip-hop community, I was surprised to learn this is Diction Uno’s WOHM debut. The SE Portland MC decided to pull a track out of the vaults as he gets ready to drop a new EP. “So Long” finds Diction reflecting on the day-to-day grind and the people that come and go in our lives over a jazzy Macapella beat.

The new EP, to be titled “The Oneness,” is set to be released in Spring 2015. It will feature production exclusively from WOHM regular Aviel.

“This project is way different than anything I’ve ever done because I’m normally on that boom bap but writing to Aviel’s new school, futuristic type beats, I been doing a lot more experimentation with the vocals,” says Diction.

In the meantime, check out “So Long.”