It doesn’t seem like 5 years since Alabama-born Yelawolf shook hip-hop with Trunk Muzik, a raw, rock influenced rap album with significant urban relevance. At a time when all white rappers fell under the shadow of Eminem, regardless of their individual style, Yelawolf broke into the mainstream with a rapid fire rap style and beats that shook buildings. Eventually, even Eminem took notice, signing the younger rapper to Shady Records.

Recently in Seattle for a show at the Showbox as part of his ongoing Slumarican Made Tour, Yelawolf took some time from promoting his upcoming album, Love Story, to sit down with one of WOHM’s newest members, the lovely Robin to talk about his career, bending genres, the pros and cons of signing to a major, his relationship with Eminem, and more. In the process, he drops some gems for hungry artists, so tune in if that’s you.

Big shouts to Drew for organizing, to Jake Hill for his fancy camerawork and editing skills, and another huge shout out to Interscope Records for the plug. WOHMtv just took it to Seattle. #OutHere