For the last year or so, I’ve had it on my to do list to partner with colleges and universities in the region on projects. WOHM  operates within the artist community, and our ability to reach twenty- and thirty-somethings has been crucial to our goal of growing a sustainable and socially responsible NW Hip-Hop culture; but at some point, we always knew we’d have to improve our reach with the younger heads.

So imagine my elation when a PSU student/DJ friend of mine introduced me to Blake Hickman, promotions director at KPSU (Portland State University’s radio station). Fresh off the heels of covering OSU’s Hip-Hop Festival, we were hungry to reach more college students. As it turned out, he was just as eager to work with us, intently focused on increasing the Hip-Hop presence on campus and on his airwaves. We quickly agreed on collaborating on a monthly show series, and began making plans to kick off at the resurgent Kelly’s Olympian, a long-time advocate of live rap who paid the price over the summer for their support of the culture.


The resulting product, The THESIS, kicks off this Thursday 12/11 with performances from Portland artists Load B, Naturally Grown Misfits (Daelonz & Chance), and Mikey Fountaine. There will also be a very special guest, but we’re keeping it under wraps for now (no pun intended).

We’re very excited for this, and if you are a fan of rap/hip-hop, you should be too. Load B is a staple of local hip-hop. Their decadent style and raucous humor has proven to be a counter-cultural force in the local scene, and Milc (half of the enigmatic duo) is a driving force behind the ever popular Mississippi St rap Mecca, Hungry Hungry Hip-Hop.

Daelonz and Chance are a lighthearted duo with no filter, known for delivering unrelenting and provocative bars over jazzy soundscapes. The definition of true school MCs, the crew is barely old enough to attend their own show, and looks to connect with the college audience.

Mikey Fountaine runs in the same camp as the Misfits, but his individual style differs in terms of creativity and a focus on artistry. Soft spoken and viciously talented, Mikey is the wild card you won’t want to miss. A modern day Picallo, no flute.

21+. Doors at 9. Capacity 112. The first of many. Where will you be when we make history?