Portland’s SHK THT is responsible for a lot of dope music featured in WOHM. This year, the detail-obsessed producer crafted heavy beats for two of my favorite non-rap features in Burning and Jah Bless, and also lent his hand in several notable rap projects, including Grape God’s Out Of Body project.

Known for his outside-the-box thinking, SHK surprised us the day after Christmas with a text tone pack for iPhone users that he crafted from the adlibs of popular rappers like Rick Ross and Gucci Mane. He also threw in a few extras. I guess he was going to drop this yesterday, but was incapacitated by serious hiccups. If you have ever had violent hiccups, you know that is no joke; shout out to a real one for making it through. 

Now I’m a droid user, but if I know my staff, Dizz is downloading this right now and will be bragging on Twitter shortly. Get yours HERE. Oh, and shout out to Horatio Fresh for the artwork.