“For me, as a white rapper, I’m like, how do I get involved on a level where I’m not co-opting the movement, but also realizing the platform that I have and the reach that I have and doing it in an authentic, genuine way.” – Macklemore

Macklemore FergusonFollowing their massive success in 2013, Ben Haggerty (famously known as Macklemore) and Ryan Lewis have been largely off the radar. Wanting to be “normal people” for a while, it seems they have taken a hiatus from the scene. So it was a pleasant surprise when Seattle’s own Macklemore stopped by HOT 97 (commonly known as the most important rap radio station there is) to talk with radio personalities Ebro and Peter Rosenberg.

During the hour-long interview, Macklemore talked candidly about everything from his struggle to find the proper approach to engage with the protest movement to the clumsy way he handled his Grammy win over Kendrick Lamar. He also addresses virtually everything the “anti-Macklemore” brigade has taken issue with. I personally think he handled it with humility, empathy, and grace—qualities that aren’t all that frequently associated with a star of his caliber.

Respect to Macklemore, Hot 97, Ebro and Peter Rosenberg.

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