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In the midst of preparing for a show this Saturday Nov. 15th, 2014 at Kelly’s Olympian – which recently had its capacity limitation raised following controversy at a March 22 show featuring The Resistance and GLMG artists – the FRSH TRB Republic homie Rasheed Jamal decided to pay WOHM a visit with a brand new drop!

Jamal, who took initiative in having discussions with representatives at City Hall and reporters from various news agencies during the time public interest in Portland’s hip-hop censorship was at its height, has decided to return to the revitalized venue – which many local acts enjoy due to its intimate nature – to share music from his upcoming project, SANKOFA. Not only will Jamal be performing never before heard music and shooting a video to a new track entitled Dope Tape (VLR) (directed by Ver$ace Van Londen), but Mic Capes, Glenn Waco, Big Mo, and Montey Carlo will be gracing the stage with their latest music well! Definitely not an event to sleep on this weekend. Rasheed, had this to add:

“Its definitely a big deal that we are performing at Kelly’s Olympian again. I’m excited to be back in this venue and I’d love to have a lot of good people in attendance. Its a good opportunity to capture the energy that Portland hip hop audiences have and a great way to kick off a video campaign for myself. I can’t wait to kick it with everybody!”

Take a listen to, Dope Tape (VLR) now!