Easily one of the most lyrically striking songs I’ve heard this year, Urban Decay is a true gift from Resistance standout Rasheed Jamal. Originally scheduled as a WOHM premiere – until a blog (we will not mention) jumped the gun on their advance copy – I am very excited to see how our fans respond to the song. I found it to be both timely and inspiring, and I’m definitely looking forward to Rasheed’s upcoming album, SANKOFA.

Rasheed himself offered the following in regards to his upcoming project and current single:

“SANKOFA is sporadic. It kind of came out of nowhere and I wrote everything so fast that I didn’t really notice what I was saying until after I was actually recording the music. URBAN DECAY was inspired by a Kanye West song from Watch The Throne, or at least what I imagine he would sound like on such a track. By the time I recorded it, I found that I didn’t say anything he would say. Let alone anyone else making music.

I’m not an activist or a role model. I am a people watcher though. I ride the bus, catch cabs, car pool, and drive occasionally, and what I see is this. I feel like I connected some dots here that wouldn’t normally correlate on the surface level.”

Check it out here!