Myke Bogan videos always hit the ball out of the park, but today the Portland artist, (by way of South Dakota), has outdone himself.  Created by Timslew of Soundlapse Media, “F*ck You” is an energetic, authentic collection of footage from skate sessions, parties, shenanigans and performances, including clips from Myke Bogan’s sets at PDX Pop Now and SXSW. Upon release of the video, Bogan stated, “The past year has been insane with music.  My friends love to do stupid shit, so we made it the official video.  This video means a lot to me and my team.  It is showing our life from the past year, closing a chapter and most importantly, saying ‘FUCK YOU’ to the ones who aren’t with me.”  Myke Bogan’s message is clear. This artist has big things in the works and if you haven’t been on board with his vision, you had best get out of the way.