The sports talk radio scene in Portland is pretty bleak. There is only so much commentary from 35-year-old white guys who’ve never heard of Jay-Z that one can take. Luckily, the good folks at Green Luck Media Group are doing something about it. Even though it’s in its infancy stages, their program “Rose City Sports Talk” already offers a genuinely entertaining sports talk alternative, while also spotlighting the work of local artists.

Hosted by GLMG’s Bryce Trost, with animated commentary from Donnell Kennedy and Anwar Jones, the show takes on a number of topics dealing with local and national sports. The laid back, talking-shit-on-the-couch vibe of the show is a welcome departure from the “Don’t get fired” format of most sports talk shows. In addition, each episode is scored with music from local producers/emcees.

In Trost’s words, “My idea was to produce a show that featured non-generic personalities, of course, alongside my corny-self (more of the standard sports personality) and touching on more than just national headlines.

“The concept aims to be funny, endearing, and knowledgeable (regarding sports and only sports), providing the listener(s), and eventually, viewers, a different and fun, down-to-earth sports talk show.”

Going forward, they hope to bring in guest athletes and local sports personalities. Also, Trost says the polished product will include shout outs to “local ma & pa breweries, who’s creations we clearly enjoy during each episode” and segments highlighting OSAA Top 10 scores, prospects, and more.

In the meantime, check out past episodes here.