7 years ago before moving to Portland, OR local recording artist, Rasheed Jamal‘s father passed away after a valiant fight against lung cancer. Today, September 22nd would have been his 55th birthday. Though he openly speaks of having a love/hate relationship with the man responsible for giving him life, he clearly has more love and respect than anything. “I needed to bring closure to the situation. 7 is a number of completion, and I feel like I was finally able to get what I needed off my chest on this one. There’s always more to be said, but this is more of a personal conversation than a ballad.”

With a tone reminiscent of Tupac Shakur’s “I Ain’t Mad At Cha”, Condolences marks a dark period in a young man’s life where he is looking for answers to questions he feels only his father can answer, but he eventually finds those on his path to Self.

The song is one of 13 new tracks on Rasheed’s forthcoming project entitle Sankofa. A project that bears a title signifying that he is getting back to his root motivation for making music. “I have a need to say what I gotta say. I don’t feel the like I need to question it anymore, or go out of my way to appear to be one thing or the other. I’m Rasheed, and these are my words and my experiences. Some of it is sad, some of it is funny, some is aggressive, and the some is on some grown man steez, but in the end the unifying factor is that it’s who I am, or what I felt at the time right or wrong. I can’t forget where I come from, and I won’t take my eyes off where I’m headed.”

WOHM is proud to premiere this very special track.