The idea of having a hip-hop hoop tourney in Portland is not new. I couldn’t begin to count how many conversations I’ve been involved in where folks have committed to planning one. But this last conversation seems to have stuck, and we’re running with it.

We Out Here Magazine partnered with Hip-Hop Junkies and Booty and Bass to plan what we hope to be the first of many Summertime Kickbacks. A true community event, we’re taking over Woodlawn Park in the heart of NE Portland on August 10th with catered BBQ, games for kids, live DJs, musical performances and a hoop tourney. There will be no fee for general entry and we want to stress that this is an all ages event. We’re taking it back like Good in the Hood.

With a week to go, we could still use volunteers and sponsors to make this event even better. Contact us at if you are interested. If nothing else, help us out and share the Facebook page.

The crown jewel of the event, the 3-on-3 Hoop Tourney occurs during the Summertime Kickback. The registration fee is $25 per team, and each team may have up to 5 players. Each team will be guaranteed at least 3 games, with the winning team taking home trophies and commemorative tee shirts. More importantly, they take home bragging rights and showcase their brand at a great event.

Registration is not complete until the $25 fee is paid. Payments need to be in by midnight Friday so that brackets can be set. Registration may be possible day of, but no guarantees.

Payments can be made in cash to Mac Smiff or via PayPal to


Q: Do we need matching/reversible jerseys?
A: No, but it makes a LOT of sense to have some team identity.

Q: Must the player be rappers?
A: No, but the teams should be anchored around organizations, teams, and movements that directly and positively influence hip-hop culture.

Q: What’s a stacked team and why are they banned?
A: In an artist focused festival, teams of high-level ball players will be broken up if possible or denied if necessary. Example: If you’re a rapper that played some JuCo, going out and getting your old teammates to play with you is stacking your team. This will be dealt with case-by-case, as necessary, to keep things fun and competitive.

Q: What time is the tournament?
A: The plan is to get things started by 2pm. Total run time will depend on the final number of teams. 

Q: Will there be refs?
A: Yes, we are getting refs, and we are still accepting volunteers.

Q: I have other questions. Who can I ask?
A: Send questions to, or hit us up on Twitter/Facebook.