A day (or 5) late but short zero bars is The Norths ‘bullet proof tiger with wings’ Vs a St. Louis representer Aye Verb. To keep it 100 I knew a lil bit about the battle scene when Grind Time was running it, but I don’t really anything now days namely who Aye Verb is, I think we need a Battle expert added to the team. Apparently the battle scene right now is poppin and Shady has some crazy league where people rip their cloths off dressed as super heroes. Mostly Im just not a fan of battle rapper gun bars, I’d rather see clownin, Throw Fatboy and Stew in the ring to roast people and Im way more entertained than listening to some random cat I don’t believe rhyme banana clip for the 500th time. Any way I’ve always been a on Illmacs team in the battle respect (and on wax), who do y’all think got the W?

P.S. S/O Soulo, 2 for da 10?