This Summertime Kickback is shaping up to be a rather dope event. Sponsored and organized by WOHM, Hip Hop Junkies & Booty and Bass, the event – fueled mostly via social media and word of mouth – has picked up support from organizations like KBOO, The NW Breakout Show, Poorboys, & Slim Goods.

We’re planning a ton of fun activities for the all day event, but naturally, we could always use more. Truly a crowd sourced event, the help of volunteers from inside and outside Portland’s rap community have made this possible for minimal costs. Expect to see your favorite NW artists doing all sort of non-rapper things… Still, there are a few more things we would love to add and, well, you never know unless you ask.

So, since we’re bringing 10 Things back, here are 10 ways you might be able to help out with the #SummertimeKickback. Hit me up directly or email to if you want to help. #OutHere

1. Turntables
We have a sound system, but I’d love to see some of the DJs get loose on some vinyl so if anyone has a good set of tables, bring em through. Otherwise, I don’t want to hear anybody complaining about Serrato.

2. Volleyball / Badminton Nets
Listen, it’s gonna be sunny and everybody isn’t tryna play hoop. I know some of you have nets in your backyard or garage. Bring ’em out and we’ll make sure you get them back.

3. Face Painters
For whatever reason, little kids like to be transformed into animals by really happy artist types, so since WOHM loves the kids, we’re looking for folks with the know how and supplies.


4. Referees
We’re trying to get teens for the ref jobs, but we can really use anyone with decent hoop knowledge as refs. There will be a lot of games, so the more the merrier. 

5. Score Charts
We didn’t get the jumbotron permit, so we’ll have to keep score the old fashioned way… with flip boards. If any one has some of these laying around, that’s one less thing we’ll have to buy.

6. Tables & Chairs
Picnic blankets are encouraged but I don’t think we can ever have too many tables and chairs.

7. Canopies
Hot days call for cover, so anyone having a canopy would be encouraged to bring it. We’ll have a few but everybody doesn’t want to be huddling in the same place, I’m sure .

8. Water Balloons
We’re not recommending water guns because someone will almost certainly complain about theoretical violence, but as Americans we have NO problem with bombs, so water balloons might be the way to go. Hella cheap, easy contribution. Cleanup required.

9. Basketballs
I own a few basketballs, but y’all don’t wan’t to play the 3rd and 4th options, trust me. (#AllRubber) If anyone has a good ball, bring it. I got Sharpies, don’t trip.

10. Promotion
Whatever you can do is appreciated! Whether inviting your friends to the FB page, using the #SummertimeKickback hashtag, getting your friends to register teams, or shouting us out in your business, any and all help getting the word out is appreciated.