“Welcome to the Neighborhood” is a radio show broadcasted on 107.1 FM KZME hosted by DJ Klyph. If you’re a part of the music scene in and around Portland you most likely know who he is. I personally have been to the neighborhood multiple times with Klyph and every single time I leave feeling more connected. He is an excellent host and more importantly a huge fan of hip-hop. You can tell after a few minutes of talking with him how much he cares and wants to help. That being said, apparently KZME is going off air leaving WTTN homeless.

Before you read the rest of this: Get on twitter and tweet @xrayfm saying #WTTNtoXRAYFM . . . . we need to support Klyph and get him back on the air. Let’s not take advantage of the support we all receive from him. Let’s come together and get him on XRAY.fm!

I had a chance to chop it up with Klyph about the future of WTTN (Welcome to the Neighborhood), peep below!

1. We’re going to skip the introductions here Klyph, they know who you are! How is life though?

Peace brother! I’m good my man, can’t complain. Just digging this NW summer, trying to get out see some shows and connect with my people you know?

2. Let’s just get to the point. What is next for DJ Klyph and Welcome to the Neighborhood?

Man, I’m trying to keep pushing along. It’s crazy how things went down. I found out KZME was going off the air while WTTN was on hiatus. I had a chance to meet with a number of local radio stations looking for an opportunity to possibly partner and keep the show going. I got word that KZME and KXRY were going to merge and some of KZME DJs might be invited to join up with XRAY so I’ve been on a mission trying to rally all the folk who’ve been connected with WTTN including former guests and listeners to join this movement to get WTTN over to XRAY. #WTTNtoXRAYFM

In the mean time while things are in process I’m still working to promote cats as much as I can through social media and the website www.djklph.com as well as looking into more podcast options. #LouderThanWords

Klyph LuckDJ Klpyh with Luck-One at KZME

3. If the readers get anything out of this article, what would you want it to be?

That it’s an honor and privilege to do what I do. I am more than grateful to everyone that tuned in and every artist that has blessed the Neighborhood by passing through. I’ve been blessed enough to build something in Welcome to the Neighborhood that fills a space in Portland and beyond. There is reason to push to keep WTTN going to help sustain this NW Hip Hop scene. In the last year there has been plenty of press, both local and national, covering the challenges of what goes on here in Portland in the city’s relationship to the culture. When something like the Blue Monk incident comes up, we get a platform to speak up for a short time which is great and I appreciate and applaud those in the media that give the artists an opportunity to speak. WTTN is a place where artist can come through on a regular weekly basis and the listening audience gets to not only hear their story and their art but to connect with them in a real way. That’s how the scene will continue to grow, through consistency and longevity and letting the community know the real story.


4. Describe the Northwest Music scene in 5 words. 

DOPE!!!!! – haha

5. The fact that you let nearly everyone making moves onto the show is so dope to me. What drives you to continue pushing?

A few things really. When I was rhyming, I experienced the struggle of trying to get on and now that I have this platform I want to try to give artists an opportunity I didn’t get. But mainly, I am truly a fan fan of hip hop and the NW scene in particular. I really believe in what the folk I’ve had a chance to have on the show are doing and I want to see the scene as a whole grow.

6. You’ve had some great rappers perform live on WTTN. Which verses/artists stood out? Maybe a top 3? (illmaculate had the best one last year I think). 

Ooh wee! That’s a tough one. Man, I don’t know if I can give a top three. There have been so many dope verses. You mentioned Illmaculate who truly went in on his verse most def gotta be top 3. OnlyOne slaughtered his verse. Truth be told a bar has been set and nobody comes through half stepping. The verse you did for KZME was dope of course. A couple that stand out are when I had Soopah Eype on. I knew he was nice, but he killed this freestyle when he was in with Glen Waco.

I want to personally thank you for having me on the show what, 5 times? It always feels like home and I’m crossing my fingers that you get picked up by XRay.FM!

Matty, I truly appreciate you my man. and God willing you’ll WTTN on the FM dial once again real soon.