“I’ve always been the producer who liked to make club records and make people dance as opposed to strictly underground hip-hop. I feel like this is just an extension of what I’ve already been doing for a while, except I’m more likely to get a free drink or three.” ~Dizz

Here at WOHM, we like to have fun. Scratch that; we like to party. We also like dope local music, and recognize that a long-standing problem in the Northwest revolves around local music not getting played in the clubs. So what did we do? We built our own DJ. Problem solved.

Dizz will be the first to tell you that he’s not a DJ. “I push buttons,” the longtime producer says with a laugh. In fact, it was just this last winter that he picked up some equipment and started playing with it. He shocked us when he broke out his setup during a January cabin trip and turned the weekend into a dance party. Since then, Dizz has beasted a few private parties, and now we’re taking him to the streets!

DJDIZZEVENTWay2Hott.com has a weekly at the Rose Bar – formerly the Beauty Bar – and recognizing the movement, they offered WOHM a slot. So tomorrow night, Dizz will make his club debut! Starting at 11, Dizz will blend timeless hip-hop bangers with DJ Mustard trap hits and NW swag rap. Last weekend, I heard him break out an Iggy Azalea / Thaddeus David mashup; I have no idea what he’s added to the arsenal since then.

So in the 18 hours between tomorrow’s Do-Over and SundaePDX, you should make this a priority. Trust me, you’ll want to be there for this. Bring your dancing shoes. #OutHere