Alxander Th3 Great made his WOHM debut Monday and wasted no time dropping his full length mixtape, atgTV: Season 1 “The Pilot”. Just reading that project title should let you know what your in for when you press play. Playful and creative, ATG’s raps and beat selection will easily draw stylistic comparisons to theatrical rappers such as Big Sean, or perhaps Wayne. Not common for a rapper born and bred in Portland, OR.

The 19 track behemoth of a “pilot series” would probably have been more potent at 12 “episodes”, and I personally felt like the “season” started pretty slowly. When Aaron O’Bryan – the only feature listed on the record – hits that hook on track 3 though, that’s when I felt like the show started. Check it out for yourself and tell me if you don’t agree.

I actually first learned of ATG at a Crown Room party (RIP) when a homegirl of mine who had a thing for rappers asked if I knew him. She was trying to get the hook up, I think I might have made an introduction… Not really sure: Hennessy. Since then, I’ve run into “Neech,” as he’s often called, on various occasions – BBQs, mutual friends, hoops – but I’d never really got to know the guy. So when I found out he was dropping an album, I figured no time like the present to get familiar.

Mac: Who is Alxander Th3 Great?
ATG: Alxander Th3 Great is an artist first, a thinker, a hard worker, believer in God, father. A person who will fight for what’s right. And last but never least, a game changer…

What’s been your experience rapping in Portland?
My experience rapping in Portland? Honestly fam, there hasn’t been one yet. I almost feel like the people aren’t receptive to creativity and different thinking. If I rapped without meaning and truth, then maybe my experience would be better. But don’t get me wrong my nig, I LOVE MY CITY. I just stick with my motto: “Baby steps eventually turn into running miles.” And you can stamp that.

Folks I know call you “Neech”. How’d you get that nickname?
That’s crazy you even asked me that ’cause only my circle of niggas I grew up with know me by that alias. Honestly fam, it’s a funny story… But long story short, back in school we had lil’ clicks and we was coming up with nicknames. My partner Taman said one that sounded like “Neech.” I called his name wack, said “Neech” sounded better, and it stuck with me! Ay, shout out to Taman wherever he at.

Who are your influences in both life and music?

My influences I would say in music are… music itself. I just love it. I love the culture, the creativity you can put into it, just everything about it. And ultimately I get inspired and influenced by the different ideas created around it.

My influences in life? I would say God, and my unbelievers because I love proving them wrong. Also the people that do believe in me – because they push me to go harder – and my boys; without them my drive, hunger and want for it wouldn’t even be the same.


What do you do when you’re not rapping?

Man, really there’s not a time when I’m not rapping. But seriously, I stay thinking of how the next move can be mine. How to better mine and everybody I told was with me’s lives. By working my 9 to 5 and showing my 2 boys about God.

How did you get linked up with Kan for the Good and Bad video?

I actually got linked with my nig Kan a few weeks ago at another video guy’s shoot. S/o my nigga Damon. He was there helping out like I was. We clicked and history ever since! Ay, shout out my nigga Kan! Young visionaries…

What do you want people to know before listening to your project?

Before listening to my project, be advised this shit GO!