I caught up with Troy Douglass of Cultural Blends. Since we last talked, CB’s “1977” hat has taken on a life of its own, due in large part to Damian Lillard sporting it in photos following his epic series-ending buzzer-beater.

Damian Lillard 1977

There have even been rumors that the design sold out. Douglass assures people the hat is still available, although he does admit the demand has been crazy.  In response, the guys at CB are considering other “1977” gear, like tees and tanks; but right now they’re just scrambling to fill orders. Douglass emphasized this point by sending me a pic of all the boxes he had just finished folding.

1977 hats boxes

Timing certainly hasn’t hurt CB. The “1977” hat, which came out a few months ago, has fit right in with the tributes to the late Blazer coaching legend Jack Ramsay. Following Ramsay’s April 28 passing, the Blazers began rocking “77” patches* and fans took on a “Play for Jack” attitude, which Douglass says has been instrumental to the design’s success.

Beyond the Lillard endorsement and Ramsay tributes, Douglass reminds people that purchasing the “1977” hat contributes to a good cause. $1.50 from each purchase goes to Raphael House, a domestic violence agency.

To find the “1977” hat and other designs, go to culturalblends.bigcartel.com.


*The Spurs joined them in wearing the patches and honoring Dr. Jack. That aside, is it just me or are they lulling the Blazers to sleep with politeness? You can’t have Tony Parker smiling, telling Lillard he’s a top five point guard one moment, then skating to the rim for 33 and 9 while the Blazers sit and admire how classy he is the next. Rant over.