Four is my lucky number, so ending the week with WOHM’s 4th musical exclusive seems fitting.

Astro King Phoenix‘s 4th installment of 8th Realm – The Axis Mundi – puts our protagonist over smooth beats from Eugene’s GKB, where he showcases his flow quality and creative wordplay. He again added explanation for the realm switch:

The Axis Mundi” is the World Navel, the view of the center of the world once far enough from Earth. It’s the connecting realms between Earth and the upper realms beyond it leading to that of heaven in the center of the universe. Connecting the 8th Realm conceptual story, it’s the next realm unlocked after getting the keys from the unseen to ascend from Earth, into the universal view making it possible to see beyond the planet. With new knowledge of the universe attained, this tale becomes a realization of leaving the known into the unknown that is further than life in the lower realm which then begins the tale of the 5th realm Life Beyond Life.” ~ Astro

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