We love social media. It is hands down the best way to rally people for 2-3 days for a cause that they will forget as soon as a new one comes along. It ‘s also a great way to make friends and fans and/or stalk “follow” people you adore or perhaps just want to know better. But some people are better at Twitter than others. This is very apparent when it comes to those living the #RapLife.

The coolest of the cool kids don’t spam. They might not even acknowledge your tags and mentions. They get hella favorites, likes, shares and repeats whenever they post, even when they post frivolous things like “Ugh” or the infamous “hungry”. Chances are you already know who doesn’t do social media well, but let’s talk a bit about who does… in the Northwest of course.

By the way, no real order here, so spare me your feelings.

1) Solzilla

Sol’s been a media darling for a quite some time, racking up nearly 13k and 8K followers on Twitter and IG, respectively. Yesterday he posted a picture of a Trojan wrapper and got almost 300 likes. Let him smile in a selfie and the Zillas might shut the web down.

2) Emily Berkey

The renegade reporter from Oregon is exactly the last person that you’d expect to be the go-to interviewer for your favorite rap artists, but in the NW, she is just that. Often armed with her glasses and notepad, the slender blonde can be found in the real world hanging backstage with artists like Too $hort, King Los or Mila J. Or you can find her on Twitter playing call and response with her highly engaged followship.

3) Nacho Picasso

What can I say about Nacho? When it comes to the perfect combination of irreverence, humor and shock talk, Nacho is Seattle’s king of Twitter. Having the #MoorGang behind him is not a bad look either.

4) Sam Thompson

Facebook might be the most evil of all social media platforms, and Portland’s Sam Thompson, aka “The Mayor” is a bad, bad man. The Grant High alumni throws and hosts a number of events, ranging from hip-hop and comedy shows to hoop tournaments, and also found a knack for making waves on The Book. Sometimes, he even uses his powers for good.


5) Sermon

The influential Seattle blogger is probably the most lowkey social media user on this list, but don’t be fooled, he’s the glue guy. He’s the Detlef Shrempf of Seattle, only I’m not sure how he keeps up with his mentions.

6) Kev On Stage

Seattle native Kevin is funny as heck. I say heck because Kevin’s a family man and I never catch him cussing. Recently relocated to LA to chase that Hollywood money, Kev and his kids keep me and many others cracking up through his wildly popular YouTube channel, but also through his rather excellent Twitter account.

7) Jessie Sponberg

Portland’s favorite partisan, Jessie is too old for Twitter and too ugly for Instagram. He murders on Facebook though and his online efforts to grab a nomination as Multnomah County sheriff should indicate a just how powerful his online machine is.

8) Dre C

Dre is a dope rapper, but I dunno how he accumulated 27K Twitter followers. I feel like I spend tons of time crafting gems for a couple of RTs, but Dre? He jut has it like that…

9) Tope

Tope’s social media game is consistent and balanced. Find him on his personal blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… He’s everywhere and he’s always active. His big moment came earlier this year when Erykah Badu – a social media legend all her own – gave props to a video he’d made in her honor.

10) Macklemore

Naturally, I couldn’t leave the NW’s boy wonder off of the list. 2.3M followers on Twitter, 4.7M on FB, and another 3M on IG make Macklemore the most successful social media user I can think of in the PNW. Nobody else is even close.