Cover image by Jordan Haro

I was hungover in Vegas last September when I saw Eugene/Austin rapper-producer Cory Kendrix’s email about a beat he’d done for a spaced out rapper named Tommy 2Stix, the self proclaimed, “crazy cripple trying to make a ripple.” Born with a rare, non-degenerative form of muscular dystrophy, 2Stix’s constant use of a medically prescribed G-Pen quickly became a trademark for the young Mexican-American rapper. His single, Oil Baron, was an instant hit on WOHM.

His new 2Stix LP dropped recently, and features another collaboration with Kendrix – Dabbin’ – which was quoted in a rather dope Playboy interview. Whaaat??

Definitely based, always funny, very intelligent, high-key ridiculous… Tommy 2Stix is doing his thing. Shouts to Cory K. #OutHere