Former Willamette Week editor Casey Jarman recently penned a compelling open letter to Portland’s music community in regards to what he describes as the police and fire marshal’s “repeated and overt action” to “target and preemptively silence artists”.

He goes on to discuss the fallout of such activity on the city’s larger music scene, urging people to pay attention to what’s going on. At one point, he even linked to a WOHM article. Nice touch. We like that.

The article ends with a plug for Party Damage Records‘ upcoming “genre-agnostic” party at Holocene on April 23rd, at which WOHM-approved Serge Severe and The Resistance are set to perform live. Shout out to Holocene for being a long-time supporter of local musicians. Big ups to Casey for his call to attention, even though he’s all they way out in San Francisco these days. Way to rep for the home team.