Astro King Phoenix is back with a WOHM exclusive release. Known for his micro EP series Prequel To The Glory and Cries From 2025, he’s starting another today. This latest series, 8th Realm, is an intricately woven collection of eight smaller projects. His first series served as a slow introduction to the artist and the second was much more spontaneous. Dubbing himself the emperor of the 8th Realm, Astro looks at the project as a part of the masterpiece he will create throughout his career.

Planning to release two micro EPs each month, we start off today with Road To Dreams. From the first song, we see the bigger picture start to form. A little different than what we’re used to hearing from a hip-hop artist, the songs dive in and introduce the dense content. For this reason, Astro decided to spread the projects out so as not to overwhelm the listeners.

Take a moment to listen and explore the mind of young Astro King Phoenix