There are way too many rappers. I’ve always known this, but now that a huge part of my daily grind is finding new rap, I have an entirely different appreciation for that fact. That said, the NW can always use more rap… We just might not need everybody to do the rapping; however, that does mean you can’t live a #RapLife.

The way I see it, the Rap Life is more appealing than the actual chore of rapping itself. Having your celebrity in demand, possessing the ability to command crowds, listening to your own music in the car, being irresistible to women for no clear reason… These are things people dream of, and with just the most basic ability to speak on beat you too can join the lottery.

But there are other – and often better – ways to live a Rap Life than making music.

1) Be A Writer
It should come as no surprise that this is the first thing on my list. As a rapper-turned-blogger I have far more impact on hip-hip culture than I ever did as a rap artist. But I still get to do all the cool rap stuff like hang out at shows, say whatever I want whenever I want, and the other night I even got drink tickets for showing up at an event. Swag.

2) Mixing/Mastering
Honestly, it’s not just rappers. There is no shortage of producers and DJs in the NW either. However, there are not a ton of people who can do a great mix, let alone master an album, at least not locally. Really, the engineering skill set is in high demand, plus it translates outside of hip-hop which is nice if you plan on stackin’.

3) Photography / Visual Arts
Some of the most important people in rap culture are the folks who create the images. Lowkey WOHMer Adrian Adel is a great example of someone who’s been living the Rap Life for years without spitting bars. She does rock with Speaker Minds though as a vocalist…

Portland Photographer Adrian Adel also sings with Speaker Minds.
Portland Photographer Adrian Adel also sings with Speaker Minds.

4) A Publicist
Chris Lamontagne may have let the promo game go to his head, but most promoters aren’t putting any effort into trying to be rappers. We don’t need another Diddy. Guys like Bryce Trost of GLMG however have emerged as leaders in the hip-hop arena, breaking down barriers and creating lanes for rappers to be successful in.

5) Fashion Designer
Look… If you slang tees, you’re basically a rapper. Jayyo of Ro.Bo is a great example. Dude’s at shows, hangs out with MCs and DJs all the time and stays dipped. Rappers need fresh gear so those providing the fashion tend to be in the right circles. Besides, fashion folks usually know a lot of make-up artists and the only thing a rapper loves more than dating MUAs are models and R&B singers.

Just saying. You ain’t gotta rap to kick it! #OutHere