Moor Gang’s 1st Lady, Gifted Gab released her new project today. Girl Rap was highly anticipated, especially in Seattle, where the artist hails from. With a diverse beat selection and a handful of features, the album was well worth the wait.

It’s definitely the kind of music you ride around town bumping with the windows down on a sunny day. Some of the songs throw you back into a 90’s vibe and others bring you straight into the here and now with super bass drops. You’ll hear a few songs that’ll make your girl wanna twerk somethin’ and a few that’ll make her feel like the HBIC. Highlights include Pay  Me, featuring fellow Moor, Nacho Picasso; Moor Hotel, featuring Rob Skeetz; and Pop It, which is now my favorite Moor Gang twerk anthem.

Give it a listen yourself. Blow your speakers out or put in your head phones and vibe out to the sounds of the Northwest’s best female emcee.