Well folks, we’re just a couple of weeks away from the music portion of SXSW. I’m glad the festival comes in early March because with February being the shortest month of the year (Happy Black History Month) it makes the wait seem much shorter. Last year I promised myself I would make it to SXSW this time around. I failed. Oh well.

Since you won’t be able to see my lovely face, or the faces of your other favorite WOHMers, we thought we’d let you know who you will be able to see in Austin. Quite a few NW artists will be walking the streets, getting their bracelets, running into random a-list artist performances, and rocking their own shows over the week. Who? Well……

1. Spac3man & Luke Rain
Next Monday, Luke Rain is throwing a SXSW sendoff for some of the Seattle artists headed down. Spac3man will be performing during the festival on March 13th at the Westcoast Showcase. If you won’t make it to Austin, at least try to catch them at Barboza on the 3rd.

2. Stewart Villain
My buddy Stewwy will also be performing during the festival. If you find him, make sure you snap a picture with him. His goal for the trip is to rep hard for the town and network. Shake the man’s hand and exchange contact info. He’s definitely someone you need to know.

3. Tope
TopeCNEarlier this week, TxE was featured in XXL and with that wind under his wings, Tope is flying off to Austin. #APM It’s been a helluva year for the Portland rapper already. I’m sure his SXSW trip will only add fuel to his rising flames. He’ll be headlining his own show down there in no time. This year you can catch him at The Norman Ba$e Hip Hop BBQ on March 15th.

4. Sol
You’ll be able to catch Sol in Portland this Saturday along with Tope and Zion I. He’s got a show down at SXSW as well, but being the cool guy that he is, there’s no set date or venue as of now. I’m sure you’ll know when its time for you to know.

5. Trox
I spoke to  the Portland producer yesterday and he said to tell you to ask for a copy of his SXSW compilation, The Liquor Store Vol. 1,  if you see him down there.  Trox also recently got a placement with Ab-Soul, so you can look forward to that as well.

6. Grayskul
Our favorite Seattle photographer, Cassandra Moses, recently took some shots of Grayskul at their recent show at Nectar Lounge. Take some shot of the duo yourself at their SXSW show on March 14th and look out for more to come.

7. Grieves
Its big year for Grieves. With a world tour coming up including dates in Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, and San Fransisco, I’m sure our NW folks will get a chance to catch a show. You can also check out the show at SXSW on March 15th.

Luck28. Luck-One
The King has been in NYC for the last few months and just dropped Curse of the Pharaoh. Before he heads to Austin he will be sliding thru Portland to grace the stage at GLMG Heavyweights. Along with Illmaculate, Only One, and Mikey Vegaz, Luck will be performing at Blue Monk this Saturday and I’m sure he’s got some tricks up his sleeve for his SXSW appearance. He likes being mysterious though, so I won’t kill it for you guys. [Editor’s Note: LOLz]

9. Sadistik
Sadistik is gearing up for an album release this summer, dropping videos and tracks to keep us warm while we wait. You’ll be able to catch him rocking on March 14th at SXSW. Check out his latest drop before you go.

10. Tre Redeau & Cory Kendrix
These 2 NW artists will be performing at ShadowShyne Music Group’s Pre-Game Show March 12th. Tre Redeau recently dropped a video for his song Rounds which has been received well to say the least. The young man is definitely building a buzz and his SXSW performance is a must see. You know, before he really makes it big and it’s too late.SXSW Tre Cory