A year ago, Jake Espinoza put me in charge of WOHM as he moved on to tackle some new challenges in life. Since then, he’s become more distinguished in his appearance; in particular, he’s put my struggle beard to shame. We still keep in touch – mostly via Facebook and random Snapchats – but we hardly find time to talk shop like we used to.

So what is Jake up to? Well first of all, he’s hosting Propane’s first headlining show in a major venue tomorrow night at Peter’s Room. This will mark the first time a local artist has headlined at this venue in quite some time. If anybody can pack that spot, it might be Propane. #LTRMN

What else is Jake – the original WOHMer and arguably Salem’s most famous retired rap star – up to? You’ll have to read the interview to find out…

Mac: It’s kind of weird not talking to you every day. What have you been up to?

Jake: I’ve been working at my corporate job and spending my down time reading, hanging out with my family and trying to not be fat. I spend a lot of team cooking vegetables and running these days. My goal is to not wear a shirt this summer. I still find time for beer though.

You know I gotta ask, how’s Tyson? Is dad life crazy, or what?

I’ve really been enjoying being a parent. Tyson has been a blessing. I’m very lucky.

You’re hosting Propane’s headlining show at Peter’s Room, how did you end up with that gig?

I’ve been friends with Propane and his crew for awhile. I was pretty surprised when they asked me to host, but I’m excited for the opportunity. I enjoy being on stage with a microphone. Will be a fun night. I hope people like my jokes and outfit.


You actually put me on to Propane’s music a few years back. Do you recall how you found out about him?

I met Propane the same way I met almost every rapper I know. I use to throw a lot of shows in Salem. They were great for networking. I brought Propane down for a show and we stayed and touch for awhile. I hung out with their crew at SXSW a couple of years ago and we’ve all stayed pretty close since. They work hard and play hard. I respect that.

JakeRiffRaffAre you planning to turn up? Champagne for your real friends?

Oh yes. I haven’t been out for awhile. My wife said I could go out for the night. It’d be rude for me to not turn up. Hope Portland is ready for us.