There are a few of us who’ve been with the same person our entire lives, but most of us have been through a break-up or two. One of the scariest feelings in an ugly break-up is what the bitter ex will do with the information he or she accumulated while the relationship lasted. Say that twice if your ex is crazy. That said, it’s super important to make sure that you’re not the one that falls in love all the time and spills his beans to every person who claims to love you. The damage that can be done with this intimate knowledge can hurt not just you, but also those around you.

Now I’m probably not the best one to be out here giving relationship advice; I mean, my only valid credential is that people tend to like my life advice on Facebook. Nonetheless, I’m going to present you with the definitive list of things you probably shouldn’t (but probably will) share with anyone whom you have yet to commit to marring – err – marrying. Unlock

1) Cell Phone Code

This should be obvious. Even if you have nothing to hide, your significant other has no business all in your personal business. Text convos with your mom, best friend and/or your hot co-worker should be totally off-limits to your partner.  It might not be your fault that some random chick is liking your IG pictures en masse and leaving smiley faces in your mentions but your significant other might not feel the same way. Avoid the argument.

2) Universal Password

We all have that one password that we use for everything in life. From your college email to your secret Tumblr, there’s always that one password that has the potential to unlock your entire digital life. Never give this up. Change it if needed, but never give this password up.

3) Storage Unit Key

In fact… What storage unit? Forget I said anything…

4) Your SSN

If you’re like me and you date females, please be warned that the moment she overhears or sees your Social Security Number it will be permanently etched into her memory forever. Just trust me, don’t test this theory because there is no going back.

5) Code To The Gun Safe

If you’re fancy enough to have a gun safe, you should be responsible enough to keep it protected from children and potentially crazy partners. A safe is a great idea (or a locked closet) but make sure that only you have the key. Fun fact: Domestic disputes involving a firearm are 12 times more likely to result in fatality.

6) Your Savings Account Balance

Momma always said, make sure you keep a rainy day stash. She didn’t say to keep the balance of said stash unknown, but that should have been obvious. If and when your partner leaves you, you’ll have dough to fall back on. If y’all do move forward and make it official, you’ll have something to put on the wedding.

7) Embarrassing Secrets

We all have that story about that time we did something so terribly embarrassing that we don’t want any one to know… And we all have that moment when a person feels so close that you can just tell them anything. Do yourself a favor and don’t. If you do, you’ll hear about it it during your next argument. (Example: “And that’s why you got stage fright and will never have a threesome!”)

8) Your Friend’s Embarrassing Secrets

Was totally going to include this in the item above but then I realized that it’s even more important. Talking bad about your friends or telling their secrets to the person you’re currently romantic with is violation of Bro Code, Girl Power or whatever else you believe in. People lose friends over this.

angry-couple-fight9) Anything Involving An Ex

You know that pair of Timbs you love so much? Don’t tell your girl your ex bought those for your birthday in 2009, or you might find them mysteriously covered in bleach. Nobody wants to hear about their partner’s prior relationship, especially if it was a serious one. It’s just cause to argue so learn to bite your tongue.

10) Your Hot Button

Last but not least, never let your significant other know what truly sets you off. Feel free to share the petty annoyances and low-key fears but never – under any circumstance – let him or her know the action they can take to completely dismantle your logical thought center and send you into a full on RAMPAGE. No one bop should have all that power.

Lesson of the day? Keep your mouth shut till you get married, and even then, use your head. Good luck.