For many of us, the New Year’s Day turn down is real. Hopefully, everyone is up and recovering well… But that just got me thinking, what are the most necessary things to have on New Year’s Day? Well here goes…

Essential to life as we know it, H20 becomes even more crucial after a night of partying. Drinking water while you party is also a good idea, but who really wants to drink water when there are fifths around?

I had no idea until Sharde told me, but those little tabs that make your water fizzy can really take the edge off a hangover… Or you could just smoke something.

Not typically necessary during Northwest winters, shades are completely acceptable on New Years Day whether it’s sunny or not.

Head hurt much? Body aches? Do like North West’s daddy and combine some Advil with the previously discussed accessory.

Bank App
If you’re like me, details of your night – namely how much money you spent – might be a bit fuzzy. Now you can check your account, grimace, and go back to sleep without ever leaving your bed.

If you oversleep and miss the hotel breakfast, brunch is a great New Year’s option. Whatever the case, I recommend potatoes.

Your Car
Dude… Where’s your car? I’m too young and cool to stay in on NYE, but I’m old and wise enough to leave the driving to sober professionals. Now where did I park…?

A Nap
Assuming you got up in time for brunch, your body is probably still trying to recover from last night’s abuse. Catch some Zzzzs.

Social Media
It’s in a millennial’s nature to compare the epicness of your night to everyone else’s. Plus, that nervous feeling when you discover you’ve been tagged in countless pictures that you don’t remember posing for is priceless.

Let’s be honest, you ain’t tryna go anywhere today. There’s hoop on TV and video games are way easier than functioning in real life. Matter of fact, I’m about to get back to GTA V right now…