If I were only given two words to describe the next project from Portland rap trio TxE, it would have to be “marketing genius”.   The group will soon be releasing their latest effort Vs. PRTLND, a full-length album with every record featuring samples from different Portland indie-rock bands, which, aside from being a really creative approach to recording an album, will open the door for a ludicrous amount of cross-promotional opportunities.

The group has officially released their first two singles – Climb and Cold Heart – over at  OregonLive, which feature samples from indie rock bands Typhoon and Monarques.  Producer G_Force (a.k.a. Calvin Valentine a.k.a. the “x” in TxE) is the backbone of the group’s sound, and his piano-hand definitely shines on the these first two offerings.   As always, rhymesayers Tope and Epp’s verses form like Voltron on both records, and I enjoy the balance between Tope’s smooth flow and Epp’s brash delivery. Yin, meet Yang.

The group has also released their electronic press kit for their upcoming album, which you can peep below:


Cover photo via OregonLive.com