We’re just a few days away from the new year. Soon everyone will be putting on fancy dresses, kissing at midnight and drinking away 2013. But before those memories are lost in a sea of Hennessy, I’d like to take a look back on what was probably my best year ever.

In the past 12 months I’ve accomplished many many things. I entered a relationship, moved, lost 35 pounds, went to Vegas twice and got a new (very good) job. But you guys don’t really care about all that. You care about We Out Here. So, here are a few of my best moments at WOHM this year…..

I started writing for WOHM. I’ve been writing longer than most people have been reading. It’s my biggest passion, so getting the opportunity to join the team was definitely a huge moment. Looking back, my first post wasn’t all that spectacular, but over the year I’ve grown as a writer and I really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my posts. You guys rock!

BigBoiI got Big Boi to pose for me. I grew up in the suburbs and didn’t really become a fan of hip-hop until I heard Aquemini when I was 13. OutKast is still my favorite rap duo of all time, so getting the chance to take pictures when Big Boi played the Roseland was amazeballs. I almost completely lost my cool when he stood on the edge of the stage, nodded my way, and posed so I could snap a picture of him. Had I not been so nervous it would have come out a little better.

I started beef with a rapper. You all know by now… I’m not one to sugar coat things, and that gets me into trouble a lot. Still, I’m not going to tell somebody their music is good if I think it sucks. That’s what your mama is for. I keep it real. Too real maybe since my subtle opinion pissed off a local artist and had him arguing with me, WOHM’s H.N.I.C. and anybody who didn’t slurp him. I ain’t mad though. The views we got from that fiasco were worth it.

I played out the word “ratchet.” Although I do enjoy being a ratcheteer and probably won’t stop anytime soon, I am a bit weary of the word “ratchet.” It’s descriptive, it gets your attention, but from the moment Hurricane Chris uttered it on a track, til now, I think it’s run its course. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to stop being ratchet, but lets just look for a new word to use to describe your immoral behavior.

I wrote the 3rd most popular 10 Things of all time. As our true fans know, 10 Things have been our corner-stone for years. Cristina was the reigning queen for, like, ever and Jake has written quite a few hits as well, so I felt like a small fry when I started contributing. To my surprise, my post about annoying apps like Bitstrips had over 2,000 views in just a few months. Maybe it was timing, maybe I’m just really a good writer. Either way, that’s definitely an accomplishment worth noting.

I stood on stage with Rakim. The first time I took pictures for WOHM, I borrowed my mom’s fancy camera, threw on combat boots and a (p)leather jacket and tried to look as much like a real photographer as possible. It must have worked because as I was snapping shots, someone motioned for me to stand on the end of the stage to get a better angle. The energy I felt standing next to a legend like Rakim was something I can never forget. Awesomeness at its best.Rakim with DJ 33 1/3

I got my writing quoted in the Oregonian. In the same week that a struggle rapper told me I was irrelevant and unaccomplished, Casey Parks pulled a quote from my review of Glenn Waco’s Northbound. It wasn’t much really, but having your work recognized by the largest publication in the state is definitely an affirmation of your talent. I’m still humble though, y’all.

If I make any resolutions for 2014, one will be to continue giving you guy something to read. Be it painfully honest or hilariously satirical, I hope to keep you folks coming back for more.