“And I used to lose sleep cuz the words of some broke bloggers…” ~ Champagne Tane

Some of you may recall the complete and utter deconstruction of self-employed booking agent turned part-time rapper Christian LaMontagne and his single, Bruce Willis (which has since been deleted for unspecified reasons). Since then, the one sometimes known as Champagne Tane has been mostly off of our radar, but recently shot WOHM staff an email titled, “Hey Fuckboys!”

I’m happy to see that my criticism may have helped. Tane apparently takes this rap thing seriously, so rather than continue to make bad music, he actually went and got some help. 19-year old Cheyenne Gardner lends her dramatic voice to a nicely crafted instrumental complete with French choir samples, and a clean video from Van London Media makes They Fall Like Autumn a rather agreeable single.

Now I could crack jokes about Tane’s pretend rap voice, his inability to actually spit, the fact that he begins his “most honest work to date” wearing a cut-out Joker mask, and even question why he has the homie Nish wearing white lipstick a la Tyrone Biggums… But I’d rather just congratulate the guy for recognizing that rapping ain’t easy and putting in some actual work.

Sleep well, buddy. Sleep well.