With less than three weeks left until the new year, it’s time to step back and reflect. Here at WOHM we’ve got quite a bit to reflect on. 2013 started off with a bang as co-founder and former editor-in-chief, Jake Espinoza handed his title of head honcho off to Mac Smiff. The dynamics of WOHM also shifted slightly as we added new writers, contributors and columns. We also updated the look of the site to make it more mobile-accessible. As we move into 2014, we will continue to grow and improve.

All that being said, I’d like to think 2013 might have been our best year thus far. We posted about a variety of topics, from the Rakim shows in Seattle and Portland to the political insights of activists about Portland’s fluoride vote. Variety which, I believe, helped bring in more readers and new fans. And to thank all of our readers – old and new – we’d like to count down our top posts of the year 2013. Starting with…….

10. 10 THINGS: The Biggest Tweets of Macklemore’s Career
If you’re a long time reader, you know we’ve been following Macklemore’s career since way back in 2011. You know, before most of the world knew who he was. Because of that we pay a lot of attention to the guy, so Jake took a look at Twitter and found some milestone tweets. It sure is awesome to watch an artist go from local favorite to worldwide super star.

KNNY9. Kenny Fresh Talks About His New Record Label & Why He Wants His Vowels Back
If you’ve never met Kenny Fresh, you need to add that to your bucket list. And if you’ve never met Mac Smiff, you need to come out on Saturday and shake his hand. When two of the coolest cool kids sit down for a sandwich, you’re in for a conversational treat. Mac grills Mr. Fresh on his new business ventures and what it all means for NW hip-hop.

8. 10 THINGS: Salem Has to Offer…
I think we’re all a little guilty of treating Salem like Oregon’s red-head step child. Help is on the way as Salem resident, Jake, comes to the rescue proving there’s a lot more to Salem than one would think.

7. How To Be An Instagram Model
I’m so proud of this post’s popularity. I feel like I contributed to society by giving Instagram models a little advice….. and a little hope that they are not alone. Whether its a guilty pleasure or you actually think you’ll make it, this guide will help perfect your bathroom selfie game. If nothing else, it will make you LYAO.

6. The Northwest’s 5 Most Slept On Emcees
With so many local artists getting national buzz, it was only right to take the time to shine some light on those who people tend to forget. It’s also been awesome to see a few we listed start getting a little more buzz outside of WOHM.

Nacho Picasso

5. 10 THINGS: NW Emcees Every Label Should Know About…
I guess it’s clear that we’re all about uplifting our local talents. But it’s not just enough to tell the NW who to support. We had to let the world know that we’re bursting at the seams with talent and our local emcees need to be paid attention. Talented, professional, and charismatic, you don’t ever want to forget about these guys.

4. Jessie Sponberg Talks About McMuffins in the MODA Center
Who would have thought so many people would care about a stinkin’ breakfast sandwich? Do people really miss Chalupas that much? Do people really eat the crap they pass off as “food” at McDonald’s that much? Or is Jessie Sponberg really just everyone’s favorite super villain/hero? Whatever the reason may be, this post was linked back to from publications around the NW and added a bit of credibility to WOHM as a source for local buzz.

3. 10 THINGS: Signs of Gentrification
The hip-hop community is all too familiar with the idea of gentrification. Mac’s witty gentrification checklist offered a little comic relief surrounding a hot topic that often leaves a sour taste in your mouth. This was one of my personal favorites of the year because my mother actually shared it on Facebook. Cross-generational win.

Untitled2. 10 Things: Apps As Annoying As Bitstrips
*chuckles* I love it when I’m right. Posted less than 2 months ago, this post’s #2 position shows how trendy those damn Bitstrips were. Love them or hate them, they were everywhere, but as quickly as they appeared, they were gone. RIP

1. 10 THINGS: Portland Hates…
If Portlanders don’t come together for anything else, they surely will come together to talk about what it is they can’t stand. From the Lakers to club covers, we love to hate. But never forget that WOMH loves you.